Bill Chandler campaign update: 30 April 2019

Now 18 days to election day!  

  • Thank you to all those supporters who signed the nomination form.  With eight candidates in Kooyong, preferences are going to be very important.  Click on the How-to-vote tab in the top menu to see how I have approached preferences.

  • I am underwriting the costs of the campaign, but in the face of very large campaign expenditures by some candidates, I am relying on modest crowd funding to undertake media and other publicity. My suggestion is $50, but more, or less, is welcome, paid into a dedicated campaign account: Bendigo Community Bank BSB 633000 Account Number 165822156. An official receipt will be issued.  Thank you to those supporters who have already contributed.

  • Some people have already offered to letterbox for me, or hand out how-to-vote cards at the pre-poll and on election day Saturday 18 May.  Any other suggestions of help would be welcome.

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