Bill Chandler

Independent Candidate for Kooyong

I am standing as an Independent for Kooyong in the 2019 Federal Election because very important shared community values need to be much better represented, at both the local and national level. 

I will strongly advocate for:

Effective global warming action

Affordable and renewable electricity

Energy-efficient transport: sustainable cities and neighbourhoods

Inclusive, compassionate communities: celebrating our diversity

Transparent governance:
Banks, ABC, Asylum seekers, Murray-Darling Basin

Effective global warming action:    As a Founding member of Lighter Footprints, our local community climate change action group, my primary concern is the global warming emergency and effective climate change action.  The three main parties have failed to achieve credible policy or action on this critical community concern.  Renewable energy must replace polluting fossil fuels as soon as possible, and emissions from transport and agriculture must be reduced – for environmental, economic, and health reasons.

Affordable, renewable electricity:    Soaring electricity and gas costs are caused by inadequate government energy policies and management, not a shortage of coal and gas.  Australia needs urgent evidence-based change that smart business and communities are already acting on.  Rapid transition to renewables provides cheaper, reliable electricity, creates new jobs, and reduces emissions.

Energy-efficient transport: sustainable cities and neighbourhoods:   Increased population and urbanisation requires cities and neighbourhoods that are sustainable, well-designed, enjoyable, and safe, with timely infrastructure.   Innovative policies and skilful planning will provide well-serviced, walkable communities that replace ill-serviced suburban sprawl.  Cycling and public transport must have higher priority, and electric vehicles need to replace existing high emission vehicles. 

Inclusive, compassionate communities: celebrating our diversity:  Effective reconciliation with our Indigenous peoples is a very necessary part of our shared future, as is respect for our shared environment and care for each other.  We are a modern nation, where common human rights and values, the richness of our cultural diversity, and compassion for asylum seekers and others with special needs are all achievable.

Transparent governance: Banks, ABC, Asylum seekers, Murray-Darling Basin:  Half-truths and lies have no place in democratic representative politics.  Community disillusionment is understandable, given the exposure of unethical banks, political interference in the ABC, immoral treatment of asylum seekers, mismanagement of the Murray-Darling Basin water, and institutional violence and abuse.  Straight forward honesty needs to replace misinformation, political slogans and hidden political donations and influence.

Who am I?

I am an active local resident, and have been living with my family and working in Kooyong for more than four decades.  I am married with children and grandchildren. Professionally I am a strategic city planner, urban designer and architect: Life Fellow of Planning Institute of Australia, Co-editor of PIA Planning News, and Founding Member and Convenor of Urban Design Forum.  I am a Life Member of Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre, Editor of Surrey Hills Neighbourhood News, and an active member of our local community climate change action group Lighter Footprints.  I received an Order of Australia Medal in 2014.  Other interests include music, gardening, and comedy.

Vote 1 Bill Chandler

I well understand that governing a country is complex, and believe I can make a valuable and much needed contribution.  I am asking for your first preference vote.

Second preferences will count in this election. Make sure you vote wisely and give you preferences to those candidates who support these critical community values I have outlined, ahead of party allegiance.

Support needed!

As the ‘Low-Profile’ Independent Candidate, I need support from people who agree that the above intent and approach is important. I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible at . A number of opportunities will become clearer as the campaign evolves. In the short term:

Signatures for Nomination: Thank you to the 100+ people who signed my nomination form. Some were people who I have known for a long time, others are new friends – and some others could not fit on the AEC list! Thanks anyway.

Funding: As an Independent Candidate, I am underwriting the costs of my campaign. However, I am also looking to crowdfunding so that I can make contact with as many Kooyong voters as possible through media advertising and other publicity. My suggestion is $50, but less, or more, would be very welcome. Official receipts will be issued. Please pay directly to Bendigo Community Bank BSB 633000 Account Number 165822156.

Personal time: Most people I know are busy people, but if you have an hour or two to spare, you might like to do door knocking, deliver information cards, or hand out ‘how-to-vote cards’ at pre-poll and on election day.

Bill Chandler OAM  
LFPIA  BArch  DipT&RP  MEngSc 
0419 762 760