Interesting and informative links

There is a plethora of online material addressing the issues I am campaigning on. Below are some you may not have seen. Check them out as I add them to the list. Let me know if you have others.

Kooyong Votes Climate is a very active amalgam of groups all working for serious action on climate change.

Climate change: the facts  (BBC clip with David Attenborough et al

Nature’s emergency: Where we are in five graphics ( BBC Science and Technology reference article)   The transparency of this factual information is in stark contrast to the lack of transparency of the current Australian government, where the so-called “Minister for the Environment” is in denial about Australia’s appalling biodiversity extinction record.

The Independent Review of the Australian Public Service is chaired by David Thodey OA, Chair of the CSIRO. A recent radio interview highlighted the priorities as set out by the panel and included some of my concerns: recognition of the skills of the APS, but the need for ‘frank and fearless’ advice. My campaign recognises the importance the transparency, and in no way can I reconcile the recent government pollical decision on Adani water issues with the technical integrity of the CSIRO report on which it was supposedly based. Yet another case of politicians misleading the public on energy and environment matters.

World’s food supply undermined by steep decline in biodiversity. The Guardian Newspaper is running a very informative and concerning series on climate change. This is just one of the recent articles.

The Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has recently published an update on the work of the Independent Expert Panel on interim greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for Victoria (2021-2030). \

The full inspiring speech of Greta Thunberg at the European Parliament.

How to make sensible and consistent vote in the Senate, given the multitude of candidates and need to vote at least 6 boxes above the line or 12 boxes below the line is a challenge.  The Guardian newspaper has a useful guide to the small parties standing for the Senate.

If your particular concern is matters marine, see the Australian Marine Conservation Society scorecard.

If you want a clear explanation of why the Coalition has failed us so badly, consider the relationships between the Mineral Councils, the Liberal Party and the Murdoch press in their advocacy of coal. This video is highly recommended viewing.

Climate Council Factsheet: Climate Policies of Major Australian Political Parties

America is not all bad for climate: While Trump dangerous fluffs around trying to convince people he is a good guy, two New York State lawmakers are introducing legislation that would ban the development of new fossil fuel plants or pipelines as part of the state’s energy system. The bill would also direct state energy officials to create a plan for moving the state’s electrical grid entirely off fossil fuels by no later than 2040. The bill is one of several under consideration this year that seek to wean the state off fossil fuels. In January, Cuomo set a new goal for the state to derive 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2040, the nation’s most aggressive clean energy goal. On a professional visit to US, I had the pleasure of meeting with a senior NYC director and was both surprised and impressed that they were taking seriously the need to plan resource management (water, waste, energy, etc) at least three decades ahead.

If you want to smile: Black balloons

Rob McLean lives in Shepparton and has a very interesting and active blog called ‘Climate Conversations’, based on his interviews with a wide range of people.  He was kind enough to interview me last week.  Have a listen at